When her boss and her partner suggest that FBI profiler Mary Cantrell consult on a case in Minneapolis, they think going home will allow her to rest and recover from a gunshot wound. They're wrong. For Mary, home will always be tainted with the memory of the murder of her best friend, Fiona Portman, and the knowledge that her sister, Gillian, befriended the killer.

Now, even after years in law enforcement, Gillian still believes that her childhood friend convicted of Fiona's murder, Gavin Hitchcock, is innocent. This belief has kept her and Mary estranged for years.

It will take a serial killer to bring Mary and Gillian back together again. Young, blonde teenage girls are being abducted and killed. The pattern is disturbing, and not much evidence has been found. Worried about his partner, Anthony Spence decides to join Mary and assist in the hunt for the killer.

Could it be Gavin, who got out of prison just two months before the first abduction? Once again the sisters are at odds, but they're going to have to put aside their biases to stop this twisted killer.

Guilt, loyalty and friendship add to the emotional cocktail that forms the basis of this intense psychological thriller. Anne Frasier is quickly making a place for herself in the world of suspense fiction. (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith