While the early pacing is a little slow, the talented Altom takes a very interesting premise and turns it into quite a
unique story.

For the last eight years, tooth fairy Belle Moody has kept a very big secret. Technically, tooth fairies are supposed to be celibate during their term, but Belle fell hard for a philandering mortal and wound up pregnant.

Millionaire Boone Wentworth is also hiding a secret. For the past few months, something had been changing within him, plaguing him with darkness. When he spies Belle masquerading as a princess at his mother's party, he gets angry and assumes she's a con artist. Deciding to teach her a lesson, Boone kidnaps Belle and takes her out to his ranch. Belle is none too pleased, but when he promises to pay her if she sticks around, cash-strapped Belle reluctantly agrees. These two are a very flammable mix, but what neither realizes is that fate and the King of the Underworld may have very dark plans for them.

What happens when you throw together a tooth fairy and a bogeyman? Nothing simple, that's for sure.

(Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith