Image of Sleeping With the Agent (Crossfire Series, Book 3)


Image of Sleeping With the Agent (Crossfire Series, Book 3)

That she was forced into betraying her best friend is a horror that Lily Norestski lives with every day. Rescued from abuse as a young girl, she was taken by the CIA and programmed with mind-control experiments. Lily was unaware of her programming until she was triggered by a renegade CIA operative. She was stopped from completing her horrific mission, but she can't forgive herself. Lily is now on the run from various groups, all of whom want to get their hands on her.

Navy SEAL Reed Vincenzio has been sent after Lily to see if she's still under mind control and discover her plans for a dangerous detonator. Lily knows she's in deep trouble, but her first concern is the young girls she has smuggled out of Macedonia. Finding them passports and moving them on to new lives is the most important thing. Lily was never big on trust, but these days she can't even trust herself. She can't do this alone, but was it a mistake to place faith in Reed?

This is a top-notch espionage thriller from an author fast becoming a big name. Multifaceted characters with multiple motives make this story rich in drama and adventure. (Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith