Alex Curry Whittaker's life fell apart in the middle of Harrod's in London. Seeing her husband's supposedly ex-mistress visibly pregnant shatters Alex's world. Now Griffin will have the child he has always wanted, but not with her. Despite being a trophy wife married to a much older man, Alex felt the relationship worked reasonably well until the night Griffin violently vents his grief over his stillborn son on Alex.

Battered and bruised, Alex gathers what jewelry she can find and flies back to the U.S. From her childhood, Alex remembers visiting a small New Jersey coast town, that intrigued her. As luck would have it, a somewhat dilapidated house is up for sale. After purchasing it, Alex needs to find a job in economically-depressed Sea Gate.

John Gallagher lost his wife and children in a tragic accident three years earlier. Since then he has turned his back on his former life and returned to live with his father, Eddie.

For the first time, Alex is in charge of her life and she wants to keep it that way, despite her attraction to John. Brian Gallagher has hated Sea Gate ever since childhood and plans to bulldoze the town in the name of progress. The Gallagher family quickly wraps itself around Alex, but her past threatens both her chance at happiness, and the town's survival.

Outstanding Barbara Bretton serves up an incredibly moving novel that celebrates the human spirit and the ability to love, adapt and grow. Unforgettable! (Apr., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith