Image of Sleeping Beauty (Fairy-Tale Series #2) (Love Inspired #415)


Image of Sleeping Beauty (Fairy-Tale Series #2) (Love Inspired #415)
Suze Charles is one heck of a sleepwalker in Sleeping Beauty (3). Traveling to Chicago for a highly anticipated job interview has her family quite concerned. But at her hotel, when she has a bad parasomnia attack, she runs directly into the all-too-hunky-for-his-own-good Dr. David Grant. David is a neurologist and offers to try to help Suze, but there have been too many bad experiences for her to willingly undergo treatment. Kudos to Judy Baer for this wonderful love story. Add in a couple of monster twin toddlers and a few pets, and most readers should enjoy this busy and entertaining book.
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor