Image of Sleeping with the Devil


Image of Sleeping with the Devil

Writing as Marlow, historical romance author Cheryl Holt presents a powerful and compelling novel of sexual obsession. Complex emotions are played out in this well-written, if bleak, story. The first-person point of view adds to the chill factor, and graphic depictions of sex in a relationship based on control and abuse may make some uncomfortable. Readers looking for an intense psychological thriller, however, will be satisfied with this gripping story.

Pastry chef Meg White is living an ordinary life with her fiance when she meets wealthy, reclusive Jordan Blair, who's older, handsome and charming -- and looking for a new sexual partner. Jordan's attention is flattering, and Meg moves in with him. But as her sexual experiences expand, her world shrinks to the confines of Jordan's penthouse as he controls every facet of her life. His demands for kinky sex increase in frequency and result in marathon sexual sessions that include bondage, sex toys and additional partners. Soon Meg doesn't know if her life is in danger or if she's losing her mind. (St. Martin's Griffin, Apr., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan