Image of The Sleeping Doll: A Novel (Kathryn Dance Novels)


Image of The Sleeping Doll: A Novel (Kathryn Dance Novels)

Deaver's first novel in a new thriller series features a compelling, charismatic female lead, kinesiology expert Kathryn Dance. Tense pacing and tight plotting make this a worthy addition to any to-be-read list, although it perhaps offers fewer twists than the author's other endeavors. Still, there are more than enough interesting characters to set
up a series that readers will want
to follow.

An expert in physicality and body movement, Kathryn knows when people are lying to her. So when she interrogates an imprisoned cult leader who committed a horrific murder years ago, she knows something deceptive is going on. Her instincts prove correct when, minutes later, he escapes from the courthouse in a deadly explosion that kills an officer.

Soon, the hunt for this diabolically clever murderer becomes a cat-and-mouse game, and Kathryn must rely on three unstable women who were formerly part of his cult and one scared teenage girl -- the only survivor of his killing spree -- to ensnare him. (SIMON and SCHUSTER, Jun., 469 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino