Image of Sleeping With The Entity (Entity Series)


Image of Sleeping With The Entity (Entity Series)

Like a dose of humor with your vampire romance? Then Devon has a Chicago-based series for you, as she kicks things off with the offbeat and charming Sleeping With the Entity. Cupcakes and vamps don’t necessarily go together, especially according to the leader of the Vamptown clan. With an ambitious and stubborn heroine who occasionally baffles this sexy hero, this is one delightful paranormal romp!

Daniella Delaney has drive, determination and a business plan for Heavenly Cupcakes — and she is not about to let the head of the local business association, Nick St. George, block her. Daniella tries to seduce him with sinfully delicious cupcakes, only to have him look her in the eyes and warn her that she doesn’t want to open her shop here. Undeterred, Daniella pushes ahead with her grand opening. Nick is stunned that his vampire mind coercion doesn’t work on Daniella. Why is she so different? That becomes the question everyone wants answered, including dangerous out-of-town vamps. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jun., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith