Special Crimes Unit agent Riley Crane is in serious trouble. She wakes up in a hotel room covered in blood -- and with a huge gap in her memory. Riley remembers coming to Opal Island to unofficially check out reports of possible dangerous occult activity. After that, she has only the vaguest of memories, and now she can't even access her paranormal powers.

The local sheriff asks Riley to help out at the scene of a bloody human sacrifice. Is the blood Riley found on her clothes from the deceased? Taser burns at the base of her own skull tell her that someone tried to either kill her or destroy her psychic gift. Without her clairvoyance to guide her, Riley feels terribly vulnerable. Who can she trust, the sheriff or the man she apparently has been having an explosive affair with?

This nightmare scenario is a fascinating plot device that allows readers to unlock the clues to the mystery along with the traumatized heroine. Hooper's Special Crime Unit novels all have their own unique blend of mystery, suspense and the paranormal laced with a touch of romance. The author is a gifted teller of action-packed stories. (Jul., 304 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith