Davidson splashes her way into an amusing and sexy new series with a decidedly underwater twist. Employing her patented brand of offbeat humor and lighthearted fun, she serves up a new heroine whose life is about to get extremely complicated. Talk about your feast or famine when it comes to romance!

Dr. Fredrika Bimm (aka Fred) has always known she was different, but being a mermaid doesn't mean she has to love the open ocean. When Fred wants to soak in salt water, she prefers the pool her mom had built.

Fred's job at the New England Aquarium allows her use her assets and communication skills with the fish. But her peaceful life is shattered when two handsome and determined men suddenly enter her life. The first is the new water fellow, Dr. Thomas Pearson, and the second is High Prince Artur of the Black Sea. Having never met another mer-person before, Fred is attracted to and annoyed by Artur. Both men have arrived because someone is deliberately polluting Boston Harbor, and they want Fred's help uncovering the culprit. It's a tough job working closely with two very sexy men, but someone has to do it!

(JOVE, Dec., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith