Image of Sleepless in Scotland (The MacLeans)


Image of Sleepless in Scotland (The MacLeans)

Delightfully humorous, poignant and highly satisfying novels: That's what Hawkins always delivers. Her fourth MacLean book is a perfect mix of a mistaken-identity plot with a heavy helping of delicious repartee, simmering sensuality, a touch of the paranormal and the most delightful trio of girls since Geralyn Dawson's Menaces.

Attempting to prevent her twin sister from eloping, Catriona Hurst rushes after Alexander MacLean's carriage, hiding inside. Intent on stopping his brother from an unsuitable marriage, Hugh MacLean plans to use the carriage himself.

Everything turns topsy-turvy when Catriona and Hugh discover each other and she is compromised. The honorable thing is for Hugh to propose, and Catriona is quickly wedded to a man she hardly knows but who arouses her long-buried passion. No sooner do they settle into their home than Catriona discovers Hugh's three daughters, who have no desire to share him with her. Bringing love to Hugh and his daughters is no easy task, but even as the girls try to drive her away Catriona teaches them about love and family. (POCKET, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin