Image of Sleigh Belles


Image of Sleigh Belles

Hanna’s latest Belles and Whistles book is a laugh-out-loud, tears-running-down-cheeks romance with quirky characters who are lovable, charming and sweet. Her trademark style of writing captivating romantic comedies never has to go over the top to achieve her goal.

In 1916, Alanna Lessing is a Southern belle on a mission: Rescue her sister from those suffragettes and bring her back home from Montana, with the help of her mother and younger sister. When Missoula resident Tanner Jacobs meets Alanna, he’s charmed, even though he doesn’t understand half of what she says. The next thing he knows she is turning him into a true Southern gentleman and he doesn’t mind a bit. Alanna seems to be thawing, but will her deep roots pull her back to Georgia? (SUMMERSIDE, Oct., 320 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans