This addition to the Rogues baseball series maintains the high romantic
quality, complicated characters and pure
entertainment of the previous stories.
It provides a simple yet fascinating look
at professional baseball and includes
a nice secondary romance along with
a delightful animal -- the hero's dog.

Kason Rhodes, the left fielder for the Richmond Rogues, arrives home after spring training to find his mobile home occupied. The intruder is Dayne Sheridan and she insists she has the right to be there, since his home was apparently abandoned.

Although an ex-boyfriend radio personality who did her wrong has Dayne swearing off men in the public eye, she's pleased with Kason -- and thinks he's down on his luck and unemployed, a fallacy he is happy to encourage, since it's nice to have someone like him for himself and not his celebrity status. When Dayne does discover the truth, Kason becomes more determined than ever to win her over, even though neither wants to become involved in a relationship. (LOVE SPELL, Sep., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley