As head of the Bedwyn family, Wulfric, the Lone Wolf, has seen his siblings marry, but he intends to remain single. That's why society buzzes with expectation when he accepts an invitation to a house party. Perhaps he has decided to take a bride.

As a favor, Christine Derrick accepts her best friend's invitation to a party. She and her friend wager that whoever can keep Wulf in conversation for an hour will win the bet. Christine does, and intrigues Wulf so much that he asks her to be his mistress. But Christine wants a man with a heart and tells him so, which makes Wulf more determined to seduce her.

Their game of seduction leads to friendship, passion and love, as two mature characters open themselves to the wonder of passion and uncover the miracle of love. Readers will find everything they desire in this beautifully rendered romance by a grand mistress of the genre. SENSUAL (Jun., 344 pp., $20.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin