Tracy Spadolini continues her comical escapades in the third book of Markham's series. Tracy and her boyfriend, Jack Candell, share an apartment, but after 18 months there's still no ring on Tracy's finger. On the surface, their life together is all right, but when they attend the wedding of a friend, Jack's comments about marriage are less than positive.

When Jack's mother tells Tracy, in confidence of course, that Jack has taken possession of a diamond from the family safety-deposit box, Tracy is sure her engagement is imminent. In fact, every moment that she and Jack share becomes an engagement opportunity. Jack is bewildered by Tracy's behavior and attributes much of it to the fact that she has quit smoking.

Although there are numerous lighthearted moments, Tracy overshadows Jack. There is also too much negative interaction among the characters. This detracts from the pleasing flavor of what would otherwise be an enjoyable read. (Feb., 336 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown