Become reacquainted with the Bedwyn family in this spin-off from A Summer to Remember. Lord Colonel Aiden Bedwyn is known for his loyalty, responsibility and devotion to his country and the men under his command. He is bound by his word to honor a dying friend's wish that he protect the man's sister.

Eve Morris has just the life she wants at Ringwood Manor. She is surrounded by those she loves and waits for both her brother and the man she secretly loves to return. She needs no one's protection until Aiden arrives with the news of her brother's death. Now Eve fears she and her "family" will be forced out of their home by the new heir to the estate unless she has a husband. Honor-bound to protect Eve, Aiden proposes they enter into an arranged marriage.

As you can imagine, their business arrangement grows into a lasting and passionate love match under Balogh's finely tuned pen. Watching her marvelous characters, especially Aiden's brother and Eve's eccentric family, move through the story is sheer joy. The true pleasure comes from seeing people falling in love and sighing with happiness as each is transformed by the power of love. A lovely story to remember and treasure. SENSUAL (Apr., 342 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin