Sister to the four indomitable Bedwyn brothers, Freyja is a bold, daring woman who craves excitement and freedom.

She sees good fortune when Joshua Morre, Marquess of Hallmere, strides into her life. Intrigued by her independence and intelligence, Joshua proposes they strike a bargain: She pose as his betrothed to put an end to his family's matchmaking, and she'll retain her independence. Since Freyja is more interested in adventure than marriage, she agrees. Both will learn that love is the most wild adventure and passion more dangerous than bullets.

Mary Balogh creates one of her most delightful heroines in Freyja. This fast-paced, engrossing romance is the jewel in her series' crown and a tale that will linger long after you're done. Balogh's sense of humor and great skill for crafting remarkable characters is in high form, and readers will appreciate her talents as they savor this treat. SENSUAL (Jun., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin