When we last left the Bedwyn family they were grieving over the loss of their brother, Alleyne, in battle, They do not know that he survived with no memory. He awakens in a Brussels brothel to see a beautiful woman standing over him.

The havoc of war has forced chaste Rachel York to seek refuge with the "ladies." She blames herself for recent misfortunes; Rachel placed her trust, and all her money and jewels, in the hands of the Reverend Nigel Crawley, who turned out to be a con artist.

As Alleyne recuperates he falls in love with Rachel. He agrees to help her regain the stolen fortune. They return to England, posing as husband and wife, to expose Crawley. The charade draws them into danger, and a slightly sinful scandal, before Alleyne regains his memory.

There is nothing "slight" about this marvelous series or Balogh's ability to bring the Regency to life. Her superb insight into all the myriad facets of the era, from costumes to battles, allows her to create unique plotlines and unforgettable characters. Reading a Balogh romance is better than eating chocolate! SENSUAL (May, 368 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin