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Image of Slightly Spellbound (A Southern Witch Novel)


Image of Slightly Spellbound (A Southern Witch Novel)

Filled with incredible laugh-out-loud humor, Slightly Spellbound is lighthearted, whimsical and absolutely delightful. Although this is the fourth book in the series, new readers will have no difficulty jumping right in. Tammy Jo is a sassy and fun heroine, the men in her life are sexy, the small-town Southern atmosphere is perfect and the fairies, ghosts, witches and vampires round out this book for a fantastic paranormal romance. Readers will be more than slightly spellbound with Frost’s eccentric characters — they’ll be thoroughly enchanted.

Tammy Jo has two types of magick fighting inside her — and two sexy men fighting for her. As if being pulled in two different directions inside and out wasn’t enough, she has to fight for her life, too. While trying to choose between the ex-husband she’s loved since they were teenagers and the sexy wizard who captured her heart, Tammy Jo’s being stalked by a scary skeletal creature and hunted by a faery knight. Making matters even worse is Evangeline Rhodes, a witch with a fortune whose family is out to kill her. When Evangeline goes missing, Tammy Jo is bent on finding her, but the secret she uncovers is one she would never have guessed. (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes