Image of A Slip In Time


Image of A Slip In Time

When Julia Hargrove is invited to Dunraven Castle in Scotland, she has a life-changing experience. Arriving on the night of a new moon, Julia is given the South Tower room. Dunraven belongs to Lord Muir, the 27th laird. Lord Muir has not invited guests in 20 years and everyone is curious about the invitations.

Julia awakens to find her room strangely altered and a naked Scotsman tossing her out the door. She walks back into the room only to find it in its original state, the Highlander gone.

When the phenomenon happens again and again, each slip in time lasting longer than the one before, Julia begins to believe she is encountering the ghost of Rae Mackinnon, third laird of Dunraven.

Lord Muir overhears Julia talking of her nightmares and tells her of an unusual occurrence 20 years before. It is the belief of the Society for Psychical Research that a slip in time is occurring in the tower room.

Julia and Rae are drawn together by mystical forces and as the time slips lengthen they begin to hope for a future. As Julia continues to journey back and forth from 1893 to 1437, the society makes a startling discover and Julia and Rae realize they may lose each other to times inexorable pull or the evil machinations bent on revenge.

A SLIP IN TIME is a complex time travel romance, rich in the flavor of the Highlands. With a grand cast of multi dimensional characters, Rae and Julia's love story will keep you up into the wee hours of the morn as we are reminded that true love knows no time or boundaries. (Oct., 461 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor