Image of The Slipstream Con


Image of The Slipstream Con

Lies, deception and betrayal are watchwords in this intricate Ylendrian Empire tale. No one can be trusted and even the good guys have secrets. You’ll wonder who’s chasing whom in this ménage. It would almost seem like a melodrama if the consequences weren’t so serious.

After con man Kellen Frey swallows a nanotech capsule that breaks apart in his system, he goes to the bounty hunters who have been chasing him for the past three years to help him get the antidote. Tal and Vanya are suspicious, but know they must bring Kell to the authorities even though they’re both attracted to him. They put him in a containment locker, but even Kell doesn’t realize the technology allows him to manipulate any mechanical or electrical system. He escapes and fixes them breakfast. They go back and forth like this, not realizing the danger the empire is in. (SAMHAIN, 2011, 256 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown