Image of Slow Burn (Madaris Family Novels)


Image of Slow Burn (Madaris Family Novels)

The Madaris family returns with Slade Madaris taking center stage in a classic love story. The backdrop of a secret adoption brings a touch of mystery to this entertaining story. Jackson brings back beloved characters from her
popular series, and the reunion is exceptionally satisfying.

While visiting his cousins, Justin and Lorren, Slade meets Skye Barclay, who turns out to be the half-sister of Vincent Madaris, Justin's son. Skye recently found out that she was given up for adoption at birth and that she has a younger half-brother. Without the support of her adoptive parents and her fiance, Wayne, Skye is determined to connect with Vincent and establish a relationship with him.

Slade quickly decides that the newest member of the family is meant to be his life partner. He offers his encouragement to Skye from the beginning, and she experiences the type of family solidarity that she never received back home. But Wayne becomes a complication when he refuses to take no for an answer.

Then it turns out there's more to Skye's adoption than anyone knew, but Slade and Co. are more than capable of untangling the past. (ST. MARTIN'S, Nov., 304 pp. $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins