SLOW DANCE is award-winning author Donna Julian's powerful and nerve-shattering look into a legacy of evil that lurks beneath the surface of one small southern town. Ms. Julian evokes a wide array of emotions in a novel guaranteed to keep readers riveted.

Lily Dawn Hutton has avoided her hometown ever since the night her mother was accused of her father's murder. Her mother has been in a catatonic state since her husband's death, unable to explain what really happened that night. But when her mother dies suddenly at the sanitarium, just after Lily receives an eerie whispered call, "she didn't do it", Lily can't ignore her suspicions any longer.

Lily returns home for the funeral, as the new owner of the family property. But the question of the mysterious call keeps nagging at her. If her mother really didn't kill her father after all, then who did?

Lily's mother was an Osage Indian and as she searches, an ugly truth about Rosehill begins to reveal itself -- the local officials are struggling to keep their town "pure." Is Lily putting her life in jeopardy by challenging the town officials?

Sash Rivers, the rebel stepson of Rosehill's mayor Eudora Rivers, had a serious crush on Lily back when he was sixteen. The mutual attraction Lily and Sash experience once again is complicated by both their pasts. The enigmatic Sash disappeared the night of the tragedy; can he and Lily eventually come to trust each other?

(Dec., 384 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith