When the carnival comes to town, Judge Deborah Knott decides to go. She had met the owner, Tally Ames, when she appeared as a plaintiff in Deborah's court. The evening is a lot of fun but ends in disaster when Deborah and her friend Dwight Bryant of the Sheriff's Department discover the murdered body of Tally's son Brazos.

An investigation is started and Deborah finds herself involved, not only because she was there but because Tally Ames is not who she claims to be—and she may, in fact, be closely related to the Knott family.

Although SLOW DOLLAR gets off to a very slow start, it picks up the pace and becomes a multilayered, involving story. The mystery is first rate but subplots involving Deborah's love life as well as the numerous, fascinating Knott family will also hold your interest. (Aug., 276 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg