Image of Slow Hands


Image of Slow Hands
Filled with humor and heart, Slow Hands (4.5), by Leslie Kelly, is a complete delight. Sisters Maddy and Tabby Turner love their much-married father. When socialite Tabby finds out their stepmother is planning to attend a charity bachelor auction and bid on a gigolo, she has a plan to stop her. Maddy will bid higher, then leave. Serious banker Maddy doesn't like the idea, but she agrees because she can't stand to see her father hurt. But the brochure has two mistakes. Instead of the international businessman/ladies' man everyone thinks Maddy has bought, she gets paramedic Jake Wallace. The cross-purpose conversations and situations that result are laugh-out-loud funny. The romantic entanglements are highly emotional, and the large cast is expertly handled.
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Page Traynor