Image of Slow Satisfaction (Struck by Lightning)


Image of Slow Satisfaction (Struck by Lightning)

Tan ends this series with a bang (figuratively) as James is back and hotter than ever and Karina finds that she still can’t resist him. Fans will be thrilled to see this couple back together and transitioning to a realistic relationship, and new readers will enjoy Tan’s edgy-without-being-over-the-top BDSM scenes. The lush, dreamy fantasy that made the first book so incredible is missing, but from the back of James’ limo to the streets of Vegas, this couple always finds new and interesting ways to raise the heat index.

James drove Karina away with his secrets, but now he’s back and promises to tell her everything — one answer at a time. Karina has missed James, as well as their incredible sex, but now comes the true test: Can the fantasy world they lived in cross over into the real world? With all the skeletons coming out of his closet, James knows it will take a lot to make Karina part of his life for good. (FOREVER, Sep., 336 pp., $10.00)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo