McRorah Douglas, the hellion of Elizabeth City, is really not as outrageous as the town thinks. Only her friend, Seaborn Adams, knows the pain she suffers from her father's abuse.

When her mother dies and her father leaves, McRorah is determined to make her own life. She takes up her mother's cause-perpetuating the home for reformed prostitutes and injured seamen-which only causes more scandal.

And to make matters worse, in her quest for independence, McRorah advertises for a "mister"-if a man can have a mistress then why can't a woman have a "mister"? On a drunken dare, Courtland Adams, Seaborn's cousin, finds himself at her front door.

Though McRorah and Court are mutually attracted, she sends him away and Court returns to Connecticut to marry a woman he doesn't love. Ten years later, McRorah still finds her work satisfying, yet longs for something more when she meets the widowed Court's daughter, Iris. This warm-hearted child brings Court and McRorah together, yet pride still drives them apart.

SLOW SURRENDER is a lovely romance, brimming over with interesting characters and a warmth that will touch your heart. SENSUAL (Dec., 383 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner