This delightfully whimsical tale is the second in the erotic Elementals series. It tells the story of Mildread, aka Drey. Drey's been sent to another village by her family in order to discover her powers. Right now, she can't even light the simplest candle.

One day, she discovers a meadow with symbols of the four elements. She casts a circle to see if her powers will finally come to her. Nothing happens, but when she casts the powers away so she can break the circle, she succeeds in capturing the wind elemental and bringing him to Earth in human form. His name is Cyrus, and when she informs him she can't send him back, he decides to go home with her until she can. Cyrus finds they are quite compatible but still he misses dancing in the air.

Even though this book is short in length, it's a story worth devouring. While Drey and Cyrus are the main characters, the cat Mousebane nearly takes over the reigns. I eagerly look forward to seeing which Elementals story Midnight will take on next. (dl $5,00, dk $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell