Image of Small Persons with Wings


Image of Small Persons with Wings

Heroine Mellie is nothing short of loveable. She is both quick-witted and emotionally vulnerable after what she endured at the hands of her classmates. Although Mellie has a mature voice for her age, it never seems out of character. Furthermore, Booraem has crafted a detailed magical society, which will keep readers enchanted long after the tale comes to a close. This is truly a middle-grade for every grade!

'Tween Mellie has been known as “Fairy Fat” to her classmates since kindergarten when Mellie told everyone her best friend was a “small person with wings”. When Mellie was unable to produce her fairy friend, the nickname was born and Mellie has lived a life of practicality ever since, doing her best to stay far away from anything magical.

Mellie is excited when her family moves, giving her a chance to start over in her new town - but things don’t quite work out as planned. Mellie’s new home has a whole community of small persons with wings living in the basement, there’s an evil witch trying to get Mellie’s parents to sell the house and Mellie’s dead grandfather seems to be alive but trapped inside of a grandfather clock! Now it’s up to Mellie to make a truce with the magical community and do her best to keep a low profile until school starts. (DIAL, January 2011, 302 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780803734715, 10 & up)

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Kate Girard