Best-selling author LaVyrle Spencer gives readers a truly heartwarming, engaging tale of lovers and families learning tough lessons that allow them to grow and develop.

With her mother about to undergo hip surgery, there is no way for country music superstar Tess McPhail to avoid returning home. Despite all efforts, Mary McPhail refuses to leave her small home or put in the amenities that Tess can certainly afford. Tess' two sisters, Judy and Renee, have made it clear that it's Tess' turn to take care of their mother before and after the surgery.

Tess wants to make the best of her stay, but her patience is tested when she finds that her mother's neighbor is her former classmate and geek Kenny Kronek. Who would have believed he could turn out so well? Kenny is unimpressed, but Tess finds a talented soulmate in his teen-aged daughter, Casey. Casey dreams of being a singer and Tess is impressed enough to include their jointly written song on her new album.

This is a great opportunity for Tess's family to accept one another...if they are willing to. Watching Casey's burgeoning career, Kenny worries about her ability to deal with the music industry. Do Kenny's deepening emotions for Tess include trusting her with his daughter's happiness?

(Mar., 384 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith