Image of A Small-Town Homecoming


Image of A Small-Town Homecoming

A SMALL-TOWN HOMECOMING (4) by Terry McLaughlin: Architect Tess Roussel is trying to realize her dream of designing and building a small shopping and condo complex on the northern California coast. To that end, she must rely on builder J.J. Quinn after her grandmother, who's partially funding the project, decides he's the man to get the property built. Quinn is dealing with his recovery from alcoholism, the 10-year-old daughter who's just come to live with him and sabotage at the new construction site, but Tess soon realizes he's the right man for the job. McLaughlin's skill with dialogue shines through in the exchanges between Tess and Quinn, and her depiction of Quinn's battle with alcoholism is very realistic.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay