Image of Small-Town Redemption (In Shady Grove)


Image of Small-Town Redemption (In Shady Grove)
SMALL-TOWN REDEMPTION (4.5) by Beth Andrews: After throwing herself at Kane Bartasavich and getting rejected, nurse Charlotte Ellison is determined to avoid the sexy bar owner. But when Kane is injured while out on his motorcycle, Charlotte feels sorry for him and is determined to nurse him back to health — which is when she learns he’s been attracted to her all along. Kane never stays in one place for more than a few years and was trying to protect Charlotte’s feelings. Is she the one woman who can change his ways? Small-Town Redemption is a well-written story populated with nicely drawn characters. Kane is quite complex in his determination to do the right thing by Charlotte and by his teenage daughter who visits town.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay