Image of Smash Cut: A Novel


Image of Smash Cut: A Novel

In perennial bestseller Brown's newest suspense, heroine Julie Rutledge is positive she knows who the killer is. Proving it, though, is no easy task. Murder movie references are liberally laced throughout the story, but which ones are truly applicable? Intriguing characters weave in and out of the twisty plot as a true psychopath re-enacts his own sick fantasies. Cleverly creepy!

On the surface it looks like a robbery gone bad when prominent businessman Paul Wheeler is gunned down in an elevator while standing next to his companion, Julie Rutledge. Julie is positive it was no ordinary robbery but an assassination arranged by Paul's nephew, Creighton. Having no proof, but wanting to take action, Julie sexually compromises famed defense counsel Derek Mitchell before he can be hired by Creighton's father. While Derek is not impressed when he meets Creighton, he has no idea of the man's cunning or depravity.

But that changes as Derek begins to believe Julie's claims. Unfortunately Derek and Julie soon realize they're playing in Creighton's own twisted version of a movie. (SIMON AND SCHUSTER, Aug., 400 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith