Image of Smitten


Image of Smitten

These four authors have penned a series of interconnected sweet romance tales that will have readers longing to visit Smitten, Vt. The downside of this type of novel is that there isn’t enough time to fully develop each romance before moving on to the next, so some of the stories feel rushed and others feel incomplete. For pure escapism though, this book is ideal.

When it is announced that the mill in Smitten is closing, the residents are afraid their small town will fade away without a source of employment and income. Then four friends — Natalie, Julia, Shelby and Reese — come up with the brilliant idea to turn Smitten into a romantic destination. With country star and local boy Sawyer Smitten planning to hold his wedding there, they will have a ton of publicity and get their town’s name on the map. One small problem: getting the town’s men on board with the changes. Will the women get these rough-and-tumble mountain men to see the brilliance of their plan? (THOMAS NELSON, Dec., 400 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel