Image of Smoke Screen: A Novel


Image of Smoke Screen: A Novel

What if you're innocent but no one is listening? Brown's newest poses that question as two hardheaded protagonists find themselves in similar circumstances in this wonderfully treacherous tale. A lightning-fast timeline keeps the plot racing and the characters in turmoil without sacrificing a touch of romance. This is Brown at her best!

Charleston TV reporter Britt Shelley is the subject of speculation when she wakes up in bed with dead cop Jay Burgess, a police officer hailed as a hero for rescuing people during a deadly blaze at police headquarters five years ago. Horrified and confused, Britt realizes she can't remember anything after reaching Jay's house.

Former arson investigator Raley Gannon blames Britt for part of the scandal that ruined him, but he also identifies with her. He too once woke up with a dead body beside him and no memories. Kidnapping Britt in order to question her turns out to be fortuitous, since two assassins are trying to eliminate her. Britt and Raley realize that everything ties back to that horrible fire, but can they get anyone to listen to their suspicions? (SIMON AND SCHUSTER, Aug., 416 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith