Image of Smoky Ridge Curse


Image of Smoky Ridge Curse
SMOKY RIDGE CURSE (4.5) by Paula Graves: Assistant FBI director Adam Brand is out of time and wounded, and there’s only one person he can turn to for help. Adam’s trying to expose a terrorist, but it seems his fed friends are more suspicious of his activities, labeling him a rogue. Asking former protégée Delilah Hammond for help could be dangerous. Eight years ago, passion exploded between the two, then drove them apart. Delilah returned to her Smoky Mountains hometown. Now, about to start with the Bitterwood P.D., Delilah is torn between the man she’s always loved and the future she’s about to create. She will never believe Adam’s a traitor and is prepared to go to any lengths to help him find the truth — before they both wind up dead. Sizzling chemistry and plenty of action keeps the plot moving, and readers on their toes, in this fantastic read.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper