Image of Smooth Play


Image of Smooth Play

The return of Hart’s NBA series takes the Brooklyn Monarchs to the playoffs. All of the drama surrounding the team is somewhat predictable, but the story has some solid elements that will keep the reader engaged. One of the players, who may be the lead for the next book, is the one I found most interesting. It’s something to look forward to …

Troy Marshall, the Monarchs’ vice president of media and marketing, has his hands full with wayward players and a rumor mill gone wild. Reporter Andrea Benson has two reasons for her interest in the team. One is, of course, the playoffs, but the other angle is the behavior of the team’s star and captain. While Andrea and Troy dance around each other, the captain is the element that manages to bring them together and almost tears them apart. Troy is not quite as together as he wants to be and until he faces some truths from his past, he and Andrea will not find the happiness they both deserve. (DAFINA, Jan., 345 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins