Image of Snapped (Tracers)


Image of Snapped (Tracers)

Snapped rocks! Griffin consistently cranks out one gripping suspense after another and this may be the best yet. She rips an idea right out of the headlines and runs with it, creating a compelling, twisty and entertaining story. But it’s not just the plot that deserves acknowledgement; the characters are flawed and completely endearing.

Sophie Barrett is a secretary at the Delphi Institute with her sights set on an internal PR position. When she’s caught in a shootout on the local campus she’s the only person who sees that the shooter isn’t working alone. The trouble is, no one believes her — not even sexy Jonah Macon, who questions her motivation based on her career aspirations. Is she merely trying to gain a promotion? Is she mistaken about what she saw or is she onto something much bigger than they first thought? To solve this case, Jonah will have to put his feelings about Sophie aside. (POCKET STAR, Sep., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton