Set in an alternate reality, this story switches from 1913 to 2005 as the reader follows along on the trail of a killer. Chilling murders, mind- blowing suspense, a touch of time travel and a bit of romance combine for a thought-provoking, entertaining vacation from reality.

Sofia Branstadter is writing a book about the famous “carnival sniper,” whose killings happened almost 100 years ago in Vienna —- five in a 24-hour period. The culprit was never identified. Sofia hopes to finally crack the case. She discovers a bullet that the sniper of 1913 used; but, oddly, the bullet is made of materials that hadn’t been discovered yet. Though she has no belief in time travel, with the help of composer Anton Runge and the records left by his great-grandfather, who first investigated the killings, Sofia’s beliefs may have to change. (WMG, Jul., 348 pp., $18.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley