Image of Snow Blind (PI Julie Collins series #4)


Image of Snow Blind (PI Julie Collins series #4)

Armstrong is an author to watch as
she delivers another highly addictive installment in her P.I. Julie Collins series. With a tough-talking, chain-smoking alcoholic as the main character, you can bet this story will be dark and gritty. Julie has been hardened by loss and years of childhood abuse. Her personal issues and family troubles cause her to engage in risky behavior, including having a relationship with
a gang leader. Fortunately, her fearless, kick-butt attitude makes her the perfect heroine to tackle the numerous mysteries and nefarious characters in this novel.

The investigation business is slow during the cold South Dakota winter, so Julie and her partner Kevin Wells are glad to get a case involving an assisted-living facility where a young woman believes someone is taking advantage of her grandfather. Soon, Julie finds the old man frozen to death outside the facility. To make matters worse, she stumbles upon another dead body at her father's ranch. Not only does Julie have two cases to solve, she also has to watch her back: An ex-member of her boyfriend's gang is out for revenge. (MEDALLION, Oct., 375 pp., $7.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin