Jenna Campbell is taking a leap outside her comfort zone. The ever-practical personal assistant of a major business owner is leaving her job and traveling to Alaska to meet a man, whom she met online. Jenna is certain a new life awaits her with Dalton Gray.

On her flight she meets overbearing Reid Jamison, who rubs her the wrong way from the onset. When she arrives in Fairbanks and Dalton isn't there to meet her, she accepts the only travel arrangements she can find—with Reid. He agrees to take Jenna to her destination until he discovers who she's meeting. Then he does the only thing he can think of to prevent this meeting—he kidnaps her and takes her to Snowbound, Alaska.

Snowbound quickly lives up to its name, and Jenna finds herself stuck in this two-woman town (the other female currently away), with a strange cast of male characters. Eventually, Dalton, her mother and even her boss join her. Jenna's foray into spontaneity snowballsinto an unexpected adventure, and somehow even overbearing Reid starts to seem more interesting.

Macomber paints a vivid picture in this delightful romantic comedy. You'll often find yourself laughing out loud. (Oct., 240 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson