Stone Falcon sees a woman riding her mare, knows that she is the one for him, and sets out to find her.

Flame Martin lives with her mother Bertha, a wanton woman whose latest man has designs on Flame. When she finds Deke accosting Flame, she runs her daughter off into a raging storm, and this is how Stone Falcon finds her.

When Flame wakes up, she has no memory, and Stone takes her to his ranch. While memories flit in and out of Flames subconscious, she knows she is attracted to Stone, and when another storm hits, she seeks comfort with him, but jealousy and interference threaten to tear apart their world.

Ms. Hess fills her plot with a cast of characters who are intertwined, creating subplots and romances to fill each page with excitement and twists. This warm and sultry romance is a perfect dessert for a cold winter day. SENSUAL (Mar., 395 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner