When Charlotte Thompson leaves the comfort of her hotel room behind for the snow-riddled roads of the Poconos, she doesnt know that within hours she will be snowed in with a stranger and uncertain of her own name.

Composer Tyler Fleming finds Charlotte covered in snow, after shes thrown from her car. Getting her warm becomes paramount. As days pass and Tyler and Charlotte wait for the snow plow to make its pass, they fall in love. When her memory returns and Tyler becomes aware of who she is, the truth threatens to ruin the love they have developed. It will take acts of forgiveness for love to beat the odds.

SNOWBOUND WITH LOVE is a powerful romance with warm, sensual characters who each seek the one thing that will make their lives complete. Alice Wootson writes with a deep intensity and strong voice that will entrance Arabesque readers! (Jul., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pam Tullos