The leading lady of Regency love and laughter dishes up another sumptuous reading treat forlucky readers.

Handsome Courtney Choate, Viscount Chase, has a truly unique problem. He wants a wife, but all the young ladies seem more interested in reforming a rake. How can a virtuous man compete with such a romantic image? His answer is to fight fire with fire...

Miss Kathlyn Partland has her own problems. Delayed en route to London by a search for a jewel robber, the death of a passenger and finally by an inconvenient snowfall, she finds her prospective employment as a governess terminated before it even begins. So her acceptance of a bizarre offer from the handsome gentleman who rescues her from a pair of ruffians is really quite understandable.

No one else understands it, however, not the viscount's two best friends, or even Choate himself. What ensues is a merry romp in which love conquers all-with a little help from Bow Street.

A joyous celebration of the power of love, this frothy piece of delight will put a smile on your face. (Feb., 216 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer