Image of Snowed In With The Boss


Image of Snowed In With The Boss

SNOWED IN WITH THE BOSS (4.5) by Jessica Andersen: It was supposed to be just a quick stop at the Kenner County mansion to deal with a number of building issues for millionaire Griffin Vaughn and his secretary Sophie LaRue. But after a blizzard and a bridge collapse strand them in the isolated house, it's a matter of survival, not only from the elements but also from vicious killers and a mob boss reputed to be hiding out in the mountains. With only a dying PDA for communication, the pair dodges attacks, relying on Sophie's ingenuity and Griffin's SEAL training. Andersen is top notch, writing in the best Agatha Christie form, as the pressure and danger escalates in the time capsule of a vicious storm.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper