Here’s a charming trio of tender tales that remind us that Christmas is about much more than presents — it’s family, friends, love and community. The authors have captured the spirit of the holiday and given it to readers as a heartfelt gift.

Hart gives “The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle” to wrongly accused Caleb McGraw when he discovers his illegitimate son and the widow who cares for him. “Christmas at Cahill Crossing” is the beginning of Finch’s new series that puts an ex-Texas Ranger turned rancher together with a bossy boutique owner. St. John’s “A Magical Gift at Christmas” is a wild tale of U.S. Marshal Jonah and debutante Meredith, who are stranded in a Pullman car holding off a gang of outlaws searching for the payroll Jonah is guarding. (HARLEQUIN, Oct., 400 pp., $6.25)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin