Christmas is right around the corner and these stories are sure to brighten the holiday. Here are three tales of lonely men and the women who bring the spirit of Christmas back into their lives.

It's Christmas in Vermont and in Sherryl Woods' "The Perfect Holiday," Savannah hopes that moving to her inherited family inn will give her and her daughter a fresh start after her divorce. When her dear departed aunt's good friend Trace Franklin shows up, Savannah discovers more of a new life than she imagined—and so does he.

"Faith, Hope, and Love" by Beverly Barton is yet another story in her Protector series. On Christmas Eve, Faith becomes ill after waiting in the snow for Worth. When he doesn't appear, she gets on with her—and her baby Hope's—life. But when Faith disappears, it's Worth to the rescue.

In Leanne Banks's tale, Lucas just wants to be left alone at Christmas. This means not having Amy Winslow as a house guest. But how can he turn out the schoolteacher who was left homeless by a fire? Things might work out if he can just control his unsettling feelings about her. He certainly leaves Amy hoping to find "A Rancher in Her Stocking" on Christmas morning. (Nov., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley