Image of So Enchanting


Image of So Enchanting

Quick, engaging and with a witty sense of humor, poignancy and intelligence, Brockway's latest combines a bit of paranormal with an enticing romance that's really enchanting. You'll fall under Brockway's spell for sure with this book.

Seven years ago Fanny Walcott helped her husband fleece unsuspecting marks at his seances. Lord Greyson Sheffield attempted to expose them as charlatans, but the medium died before he could find proof. Now Fanny is guardian to Amelie Chase, a witchling who resides in the hamlet of Little Firkin.

Intent on exposing the witchling, Greyson travels to the Highlands village to unmask Amelie -- and finds Fanny, a woman he's overwhelmingly attracted to. Fanny has been able to suppress her ability to control animals, until Greyson brings back memories of the past. Suddenly they're caught in a battle of wills where magic and reality clash.

But as danger stalks them and friends turn foe, Fanny must place her trust in Greyson and her abilities. (ONYX, Feb., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin