Image of So Irresistible


Image of So Irresistible

So Irresistible is a fun, sexy read with characters readers will immediately love. Shane first appeared in Plumley’s holiday-themed Together for Christmas and now has a book of his own. He’s an extremely sensual character who brings out a passionate romantic side in Gabriella, a driven restaurateur. Their sexual chemistry burns up the pages.

Gabby Grimani is determined to bring her family’s restaurants back to their former glory, though the pizzeria chain is vulnerable to a hostile takeover. Shane Maresca has no idea the business he was sent to take over belongs to Gabby’s family. After they share a night of amazing sex, she’s all he can think about — and that spells trouble for a man whose job depends on heartlessness. As Gabby grows to trust and care about Shane, will it be the worst mistake she’s ever made or the recipe for love? (ZEBRA, Dec., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes