Image of So Much Closer


Image of So Much Closer

This tale of love set against the backdrop of New York City is a cute contemporary novel full of twists and turns. Colsanti adeptly captures Brooke’s struggle to adapt to her new life and creates a strong cast of secondary characters for her heroine to interact with. However, the story’s true strength is in the author’s spot-on descriptions of New York City, which will have readers longing to plan a visit.

New Jersey teen Brook has had a crush on Scott for two years. When she learns that Scott will be moving to New York City for their last year of high school, she decides to move too. Even though she hasn’t had a great relationship with her dad since he divorced her mom, she knows that having more time with Scott will be the key to unlocking his heart. But when she arrives in New York she finds out that Scott is already dating someone else. Now she’s got to face living in a new city, making friends and trying to start over in her senior year. Will Brook be able to find her niche in New York City — and can she face a future without Scott? (VIKING, May, 241 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780670012244, HC, 12& Up)

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Kate Girard